A What???

When God pushed me in a

womb of a lady, I asked what would

I answer to them when I will be expelled out of it,

The God answered, don’t worry my child

You will get a very good name and your birthday

will be celebrated with great enthusiasm and

excitement by your parents.

But when I got out of it

I found my parents completely desolated

and started hiding me from all the people,

And then after few years they gave me a name

“Transgender” and pushed me out of their home,

My identity became a matter of

shame, insult, and disappointment

I got a body of a lady and the behavior of a man,

Could you tell me, what’s wrong with it

But every day and every minute

I am insulted in the middle of the way because,

I am not a “Human” but a “Transgender”.


Anonymous vibes

I don’t know what you are but like a wind, you come and go,

Probably a west-wind or Zephyr,

your kiss works like the sprinkles of water which helps tiny seeds to sprout

your touch activate my arteries and veins, the way sunlight activates plants for photosynthesis,

And your voice cling my ears the way honeybee hush on the florets

I don’t know what exactly should I call you,

a wind, water, light, or sound

but I think you are a holy grail that I want to touch.


Unemployment menace.

India is a developing country and counted among the fastest growing economy but still hung with the predicament of unemployment. Unemployment is a situation when a qualified person could not get a suitable job for him. A large number of people even after having a good profile and higher degrees are running here and there but could not find a suitable job due to under developed and inefficient education system and lack of vacancies in relevant sectors of major companies of India.

There are many reasons which escalate the unemployment problem in India:

  • Population growth- we need to slow down the increasing rate of the population to match the rate of employment.
  • Education system- ineffective and low-quality education system providing theoretical knowledge prevents student to get a practical and knowledgeable education which becomes the cause of unemployment.
  • Under developed rural areas from where people are migrating towards the developed urban areas for finding a professional career.
  • Preference to experienced- criteria of selecting candidates with having experience rather than freshers.
  • Due to recession in a major sector of business firms, the situation of removal of employees.

The Unemployment problem leads to various other issues that are completely hazardous and adds up the difficulty in other areas. People are so much stressed and frustrated that it creates mental depression and anger which sometimes forces people towards bad habits of consuming drugs and alcohol or commit suicide. The poor financial condition coerces people to involve into criminal occurrence or corruption.

The United Nation International Labour Organisation released its 2017 World Employment and social outlook report which finds economic growth trends lagging behind employment needs and predicts both rising unemployment and worsening social inequality throughout 2017. Unemployment in India is projected to increase from 17.7 million last year to 17.8 million in 2017 and 18 million next year. The report also acknowledged that global unemployment rate is expected to rise modestly in 2017 to 5.8% representing 3.4 million more unemployed people globally.

A solution can be found out for handling this major problem of unemployment in India by doing some kind of effort through government and the responsible citizen of India. Development of education system should be in such a manner that student would get practical and technical knowledge while pursuing the professional studies from any professional educational institutes along with the opportunity of college campus selection for getting a good job opportunity. The industrial and agricultural sector should be promoted and modified by the government in a manner to attract people to a desiring working area.

National crisis of unemployment affects a huge population of India especially youth generation who are the future leader of our country. It’s time for people along with the government to come together and face this problem with unity. Unemployment is a sign of non-development of a nation it needs to get removed.

Periods myth

We all are aware that God has created men and women, two different sexes for proliferation and running of a universe. They both are biologically different and have equal importance. women in the present modern world are still distinguished and neglected. Menstruation a word which is rarely being told in an open, it is often whispered or said in a hush. Girls just because they menstruate are considered impure in religious places and sometimes in their home as well. In a different culture, they have been made to feel ashamed of their periods.

Girls after attaining puberty surrounded by many rules and regulations which are completely irrelevant like not entering into the kitchens, forced to live in a room which is separated from her house, sleep on the floor etc. During periods they are not allowed to worship and there are many places where adolescent girls are not allowed because they are considered as impure. They also face problems of being irregular in school or offices, not participating in extra curriculums, lack of proper washroom, feeling of hesitation, uncomfortable in front of their guy mates, to avoid all they prefer to stay at their home.

An international investigation, 17% of women worldwide have missed school, work, or something else important due to their periods. Another study by the United Nation and Emory University found that 30% of girls in Afghanistan and 21% in Sierra leone skipped school during their time of the month. The consequences of period shame can even be fatal as a 15yr old girl in Nepal recently died while confined to an outdoor hut because she was mensurating- NPR report.

It’s a serious issue which is revolving all around the world and women who are destined to suffer pain waiting for a day when they are no more considered to be vulnerable. The menstruation pain is just a cycle but the pain of alienation, hesitation, and separation is mentally torturous. The cycle at one side sign of a complete woman and at another side a matter of shame. It is a matter which doesn’t require any law and order but the change of mentality of the people.

Behind The Scene….

should I yawp or yowl?

should I exculpate or exonerate?

oh! Jesus let me get out of that mess

and delve into my business,

that outcast when touches me,

feels like a larcenist got the license to drive a car he wishes,

I welcome my customer like an object that

are meant to provide comfort only.

in the morning they call my home a BROTHEL

and me a bitch, whore, or a prostitute

but at night this place becomes the pleasure for thousands

Am I really a shame???

should I always be wrapped inside the four walls

I endure the pain for my bread and breath,

but gentleman what delight you find inside my home

if it is really a satisfaction then what’s wrong in calling me